I live in Ottawa, Ontario, in the boreal eco zone. I create painted, printed and stitched art textiles, papers and artist books on mostly botanical themes. I am always inspired by the beautiful landscapes and plant life, both wild and cultivated, of this rugged region of Canada.

Working with nature as a gardener and as an artist is one of my life’s chief constants and consolations. My printed and stitched textiles and papers, like scrolls, become botanical records of plants and their environments in every season.

My basic method is to print and stitch on textiles and papers, embroidering by hand and machine. My intention is to build up layers of coloured marks to express feeling and concept with line, colour and texture.

As well as painting marks on substrates with acrylics or natural dyes, I use eco printing, a monotype process that applies pigments from plants, soils and minerals directly from plants onto natural fibers.

Printing and dyeing with native plants from my garden and foraged from the local environment have become my special interest.

I publish internationally about eco printing, give occasional classes and presentations and document all aspects of my art adventures on my blog “Threadborne.”